How to get a QMockup license for free

To get a free license key, you can do one of the following:

Method 1: QMockup Reviews
If you are a blogger willing to write a review about QMockup. email us with the link to your blog and we'll send you a license.

Method 2: Demo QMockup
If you are willing to demo QMockup to an audience (at a user group, a conference), email us your info and we'll give you two licenses, one for you to keep and one to give away at the event.

Method 3: QMockup for Education
QMockup is available for free to all education customers. This includes all students, faculty and staff of eligible education institutions. Email us with the educational institution name and your name, we will send you a license.
The education version is only available to education customers and is not meant for distribution to institutions, organizations or people outside the authorized educational institution.

Sample Mockups